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Hi, I'm Liz

The tidal wave is coming. Are you ready?

The skillset required of finance and accounting professionals has changed.

The days where we used to be able to hide behind the spreadsheets very peacefully are quickly fading. Where all that was required of us was a well put together report and we could rise in our careers.

These days....technical skills and meticulous reports will only get us so far. 

We must learn how to move from simply just crunching numbers to becoming a strategic partner that inspires action! And one of the most important skillsets you can learn to elevate your value in this way is financial storytelling!

Communicating numbers and financial data in a way that everyone understands is not only critical to helping organizations make good decisions but it's critical to elevating your career.

I know...because it's exactly how I rose in my career.

resonate. engage. inspire

Even if you don't think you're a storyteller, you CAN use the power of story to communicate numbers that inspire action. This mini course is the perfect place to start!


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Helping finance leaders use story and bring numbers to life to drive influence & impact 


How can I help?

About 10 years ago I felt like I was at the top of my game. I had recently taken a position as the head of a fast growing digital marketing agency and I was crushing it!

My team was performing, we were establishing great finance and accounting processes and our reporting was on point! 

I felt like I was doing a really great job. Until the day I wasn't.

After a typical financial presentation with all four founders and our business advisor, once everyone else had shuffled out of the conference room our business advisor pulled me aside and said,

"Liz, you're reporting is amazing. I've never seen someone have this much detail and this many metrics laid out so well. But you have got to learn how to play a more strategic role for these founders or I'll have to tell the guys to find someone who will."


My Story

I could provide everyone with whatever number they wanted. But I couldn't communicate them in a way that resonated or inspired thought that moved them to act.

So that's what I decided to do. I spent the next 3 years developing and sharpening this skill. There are many business storytelling resources out there but none on financial storytelling so much of this was learned through trial and error.

At different presentations with my team, with executives, managers and sometimes the whole company I was constantly figuring out how to get better. And while I don't think the learning ever stops, eventually I picked up a thing or two.

And people responded. 

What used to be boring financial reviews where I just spoke turned into engaging conversations that helped drive better decision making a strong business strategy.

Fast forward 5 years later after that start up was acquired and I'd moved on, that same business advisor called me to offer me my first CFO position. And now it's your turn.

the curtain is up. And you're on!
It's time to SHINE.

Liz Barhydt mixes finance with creativity in the freshest possible way. She's got the numbers knowledge and gives you a new perspective without talking over your head about something that most people find boring. If you're looking for a speaker or trainer to add some serious flavor while educating your humans, Liz is your person."

Melanie Spring

Entrepreneur & Speaker Trainer

“I’ve worked at a handful of mid to large sized companies, sat through countless financial reviews snoozefests and never knew that they could be interesting until I met Liz. She somehow found a way to make financials not only compelling, but one of my favorite parts of quarterly business reviews - who can say that?!”

Heidi Grutter


Denyse Airheart

Mi Casa Resource Center

“I love Liz’s perspective that you don’t have to be a numbers person to really understand numbers. You leave feeling empowered and fully capable to achieve an incredibly valuable skill no matter where you start! She’s fun and high energy and I loved it!”

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About Liz

As a first generation child of Chinese parents- Liz did the next right thing and followed a successful path into accounting + finance. But once she reached the top of these spaces she realized her own story needed to be told. She needed to take up space and do what she does best - turn numbers into compelling stories. Since then she has launched She Speaks Numbers and created content and community to empower all women (especially those behind the scenes in finance and accounting) to overcome adversity and insecurity to climb higher in their companies and speak up. 

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From Cookieprenuer to a C-Suite Financial Executive, Liz knows that living outside the box is possible and wants to empower others to know they can do the same.

Financial Executive. coach. Female leader + AAPI Encourager.