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Cookies and Accounting. That doesn’t make any sense.

After earning two degrees in Accounting and Finance, achieving my CPA, CMA and working for years in corporate accounting, I decided to leave it all behind and start a cookie company. My creativity needed an outlet and let’s just be real…who doesn’t love cookies? But sometimes passion and baking a really good cookie doesn’t cut it in the world of entrepreneurship and after five years of huge ups and huge downs, I had a decision to make.

Never be afraid to try new things and get our your comfort zone.

Magic never happens in your comfort zone.

And that decision was to put my stand mixer away and re-enter the world of corporate finance. Many questioned my detour and whether it was a smart decision to have taken the risk but I wouldn’t have traded my time as a cookie-preneur and the valuable lessons learned in that experience for the “normal'“ path.

Creative Accounting (the legal way) ha!

Because honestly, it is the combination of my entrepreneurial spirit, passion for creativity and all those technical skills that lands me so outside your typical accounting and finance box and helped me stand out in my career.

The combination of creativity and finance skills is how I was able to develop my strategic storytelling skills to help grow many companies from $500K to $5M to $25M to $100M and ultimately exit. And you can do it too. Even if you don't think you are creative. I promise you actually are.

Have you ever solved a problem?

Chances are you used creativity to do it.

Strategic financial storytelling helps you explain business finance to non-finance people in ways that makes them finally say “Ah, now I get it! and now I know how to use it!” 

And when others start to get what you say they also start to really pay attention to what you say. 

For a very long time I wanted to stay in the box. But It's so much fun when you get out of it! And now I'm on a mission to help other female finance leaders do the same! 

Creativity in Accounting

Even if you don't think you're a storyteller, you CAN use the power of story to communicate numbers that inspire action. This mini course is the perfect place to start!


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Helping finance leaders use story and bring numbers to life to drive influence & impact 


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From Cookieprenuer to a C-Suite Financial Executive, Liz knows that living outside the box is possible and wants to empower others to know they can do the same.

Financial Executive. coach. Female leader + AAPI Encourager.